"Meiosis" (Hi​-​Res 24bit)

by Ele Ypsis




Full Tracklisting of the album :
01. Anaphase 10:16
02. Pachytene 04:59
03. Prophase 04:51
04. Zygotene 05:36
05. Meiosis 06:43
06. Diakinesis 04:39
07. Diplotene 06:27
08. Telophase 03:40

Ele Ypsis is a collaborative project of Laure Le Prunenec (Vocal composition & Performance) and Stélian Derenne (Composition & Production) .
The cover artwork is designed by svartaphotography (www.facebook.com/SvartaPhotography/)

Laure is now starting to be quite famous for her work with Igorrr, Öxxö Xööx, Corpo-Mente and finally Rïcïnn.

"Laure’s range and delivery recalls Lisa Gerrard (of Dead Can Dance). Her experimentation with vocalizing wordlessly and with imaginary languages also call to mind Elizabeth Fraser of Cocteau Twins. But lest one think that she’s overly indebted to any one influence, she lays that idea to rest quickly: “I’ve always experimented with my voice, across genres, from jazz to electronic music, without any restriction other than my own appreciation for the music that is being played.”

Stélian here works as a technical practician by contributing to the abstract nature of the sound and dysfunctional aspect of the composition by way of a decomposing process that adds to the already very characteristic touch of Laure’s performance.

Ele Ypsis is a ufo of mixed worlds, like if Aaron Funk & Arvo Part would team-up with Elizabeth Frazer. A strange comet out of the deep cosmos.

“Listen to EleYpsis’s previous releases via : eleypsis.bandcamp.com/music

More info:


releases September 30, 2017

Catalog reference : Tb65
Laure Le Prunenec (Vocal composition & Performance)
Stélian Derenne (Composition & Production).



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